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Custom Built Truck Bodies

If your business is New York City or Long Island based, and are thinking about fitting your utility truck or fleet for municipality work, or as a year-round workhorse by offering snow removal services, or modifying trailers for construction use, speak with the truck body fabrication pros at Mobile Auto Mechanics. That’s right, the same reliable company you depend on to service your fleet as scheduled or on the fly, is also available for the quality truck fabrication work your business needs to grow and thrive.

There’s no need to search online for “truck body fabrication near me”. Mobile Auto Mechanics has been on your radar all along. Here are a couple examples of the types of truck body fabrication work we can perform:

Truck Bodies — Landscapers and junk haulers need reinforced bodies that are specially built and designed to service the junk removal business based on their specific size and volume requirements as well as compliance with local ordinances.

Snow Removal — To support the snow removal industry, Mobile Auto Mechanics creates frames that will support a salt or brine spreader.

What type of truck body fabrication does your business require? We additionally offer platform and flat body conversions. Need to upfit your utility truck for additional services? Bring us your specs, whether standard or highly customized, and Mobile Auto Mechanics can provide the truck body fabrication your business requires. If your business serves the TriState, well so does ours! You can forget about Googling “truck body fabrication near me” and bring your truck to our team.

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