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Snow Equipment Sales

The construction industry slows mainly to interior work during the winter months. And a parked fleet truck is not earning its keep. That’s when many enterprising commercial vehicle and/or fleet owners turn to snow plowing to keep their businesses running year ‘round. From Manhattan to Montauk, municipal garages and independent contractors already rely on Mobile Auto Mechanics to keep their vehicles in top shape day-in, day-out. Know that we’re also your go-to for snow equipment sales. We offer the full line from the top brand SnowEx, including plows, spreaders, and even sidewalk spreaders. You can rely on our prompt installation, and we come to you to service what we sell. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Have a plow already, but lack mounting tools to perform the job properly? There’s no need to Google, “snow plow installation near me”. Just call Mobile Auto Mechanics. We’ll dispatch a well-equipped truck equipped as a repair shop on wheels with an air compressor, diagnostic computers and a full database of manufacturer service manuals to mount your plow to your vehicle(s) safely and securely. It does not matter if you’ve one truck or an entire fleet. We come to you when scheduled to get the job done right!

Years of street plowing take their toll on snow plows. The average life span of a snow plow is between 7-10 years, less if not properly maintained. With a little annual maintenance, the service life can be expanded upwards of 15 years. Annual snowfall is of course the main variable, but how the plow, and specifically its blades are maintained, can make the difference between years of reliable service or a costly repair and potentially lost business. Normally blades last between 1-3 winters, but it is best to have Mobile Auto Mechanics check your snow equipment before the onset of winter. This way we can determine if you’re throwing good money after bad, and if so, know that our snow equipment sales team will ensure you get the best snow plow for your budget.

If you remove snow in New York City and on Long Island, there’s no need to search online for “snow plow installation near me”. Just contact Mobile Auto Mechanics. As needed, we’ll deliver your top quality plow(s) and snow removal equipment, and install it as well! Call today!

Our team of mobile mechanics will come to your site to service and repair your entire fleet.